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1st Grade


I graduated from McGill-Toolen High School (1998)

I went to the University of South Alabama (2000-2004)

Elementary Education

I received my Masters in Reading from Grand Canyon University in 2010.


I taught for two years at O'Rourke Elementary School. I first taught second grade for a year then kindergarten for a year. I did a full year interim at Fonde in 2008 in kindergarten. I did another full year interim at Fonde in 2009 in second grade. The next year I did an interim at Denton Middle School in 7th grade science. I am now the luckiest teacher there is! I am back at Fonde, full time, with the sweetest FIRST grade class ever!!


My name is Allison Vanderlinde. I was born and raised in Mobile. I tried to move away for one year and had to come back. I have twins, a boy and a girl. They are in the 5th grade at St. Paul's School. Since having children I feel that I have become a more well rounded and compassionate teacher. I can put myself in both the mom and teacher role. My goal is to make the children feel loved and welcomed in school as well as learn to their highest potential. Outside of school, I love shopping, Alabama football and any outdoor activity! 

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